The Wilton Community Now Has A Place to Gather!

When the Elk Grove Unified School District constructed the new facility for Dillard Elementary School, the District donated the original Multi-Purpose room to be used by the Wilton community rather than tearing down the building. Through a partnership with the County of Sacramento, the Wilton Community now has a facility for all locally-based organizations and families to meet and hold events. Click here to learn about renting the facility.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit status has been achieved for the Wilton Community Center and tax deductible donations can now be received. Be sure to save the date of September 30th when the community will gather to celebrate the installation of the restroom facilities and raise funds for the WCC nonprofit.

Does Your Organization Plan To Use the Community Center?

Please let us know if your organization intends to use this facility in the future. We want to be sure we are providing the amenities that will serve the Wilton community. Use the form to let us know about your organization and the events you would want to hold, and we will make sure you are kept up-to-date on involvement opportunities and the progress being made.

Click here for information on reserving the Community Center.

Comments About the Community Center

A Diamond In The Rough…

The Wilton Community Center still needs some work, but it’s available to be used for public and private events. Many volunteers from the community have worked hard to bring the facility up to County standards. Tables and chairs have been purchased, and the County is taking reservations.