Your Wilton Cosumnes Service District Council has been hard at work!  View the minutes from their last meeting below as they prepare for the Winter Festival.


Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks
Wilton Cosumnes Service area 4B
Minutes October 8, 2015
Wilton Fire Station 7:00 PM


Council Members:

Mary Morgan                  916-687-7688

Debbie Myers                 916-838-3528

John Robinson               916-687-6184


Public: Gene Rose & Lorraine Robinson


The meeting was called to order at 7:17 PM


September minutes:

Joh Robinson and Debbie Myers moved to approve the September minutes and all were in favor.


Mary announced that Claire Delfino’s grandson died on September 30 in VA where is was in the Navy. A celebration of his life will be in Tracy at the Fry’s funeral home on Tuesday October 13 at 11:30 AM. Mary said she would get a plant, from the council, and take it to the service.

Old Business:

John Robinson’s proposal to partner with the Wilton History Group Bingo fund,

(See Attached) was passed out to all members and guest, was tabled until next month’s meeting when all of the council would be present

Community Center at the Dillard School report, Mary said there isn’t any news yet. Debbie said there was only one bid so far. Gene Rose said that the school is having a ribbon cutting ceremony on October 29 at 9 AM. They will have their open house in the spring.

Community Center fee was tabled until next month when all members are present.

Chili Cook-Off report – Mary will check with Tom Dark to see if the donation of $2,700 has been received. The Firefighters Association had placed a boot at the entrance to collect donations for the Community Center Bathrooms. It was a surprise to everyone and a very generous thing for them to do.

Winter Festival l- Mary reported that she has the permits from the Sheriff’s office and will take them to CHP to be signed off. She passed around the flyer that will be sent home with all the school children. Lynn Holliday and Pat Hademan will be organizing the parade, Lorraine Robinson will be in charge of vendors, with John and Gene rose assisting her on December 5th. Nancy Fox is organizing all her bakers for the cookie donation and her helpers for serving coffee and hot chocolate.  The Wilton Firefighters Association will be selling breakfast and the Gate program from Dillard School will sell lunch. Mary is going to talk to the new owners about using the vacant field next to the fire station. Laura Grossman is arranging for the two porta-potties. John Robinson will bring his trailer to be used for the MC, Jim Ring Jr. Santa will be available from 3 to 5 PM. The tree lighting ceremony will be at 4 PM. Dillard School has given permission for the use of their parking lot to stage the parade.


Adjournment at 8 PM

 Next Meeting – November 3, 2015, 7 PM at the Wilton Fire Station


Other News:

The Dillard School Fall Festival was postponed due to the parking lot pavement project.  The new date is November 7 from 5pm – 8pm. If you are interested in a booth, please email Bethany Westfall at




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