It doesn’t really look like a whole lot is going on around the Multipurpose Room (M.P.R.) except for the trucks and tractors that are pushing dirt all over the place.  We The Parks and Recreation Advisory Council for area 4-B – that includes Wilton, (commonly known as the Parks and Rec Council) are working on some fundamental papers that have to be worked out and agreed upon by the County and eventually by the Board of Supervisors.  We are in the process of finalizing a Requisition Form for the use of the building and also an information pamphlet that gives us all direction for using the soon to be Community Center.  We are working to get some Contractors to agree to build the Rest Rooms.  We can’t have a Community Center and no bathrooms.  Debby Myers is our project manager and in charge of working with the contractors.  She will have something to report later on the website.

Right now, the M.P.R. is filled to the brim with the current school contractors.  When they finish pushing and pulling the dirt around they will be putting in the rest of the blacktop for the parking facility.  It will hold some 180 parking spaces, plenty for the future and the present.  They are also putting in the sport facilities for the playground – the basketball courts, and the baseball field etc.  They have to mark them all and then mark the parking lot as well. Then the landscaping process has to begin so that when the contractors finish we can all enjoy our beautiful new school.  We are hoping and praying that they will achieve all of the above by the end of this year.

In addition, the restrooms will be built directly behind and to the back of the M.P.R.  The County is taking bids, as we speak, to stub in the electric and the water and the piping that goes with it, for the base of the Rest Rooms.  This bid has been put out to the public for bid and we should have some ideas coming forward as of the 25th of September 2015.

We hope this information is helpful in letting you know what is happening regarding our New Community Center.  We want to keep this news coming on a regular basis and will have a regular column from now on to keep Wilton informed.


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